History of Wycombe Publick House

Wycombe Publick House 

2012 - Owner - Fran McLaughlin  

Purchased- May 2012- Opened July 6th 


Wycombe Hotel

1899-1900 Contributing Mill Creek Road
1904, Enlarged 

The Copes built the hotel as part of their plan to create a summer resort in Wycombe. Owned by Emma Cope and managed by their brother, Jack Thompson, the hotel boasted five rooms on the first floor and nine on the second floor. Improvements in 1904 included enlargement of the kitchen and installation of a new bar and fixtures. An addition was constructed in 1905. The hotel, later known as the Wycombe Inn, underwent extensive interior and exterior renovations in the late 1970's. The addition of modern windows and vertical siding completely altered the appearance of the old frame hotel.

Wycombe Hall, Cope Hall

Next door to Wycombe Hotel
1909 Contributing Mill Creek Road

This tall, three-story frame structure was built by the Copes to accommodate a butcher shop in two store rooms on the first floor, house a six-room dwelling on the second floor, and provide a public hall on the third floor level. The hall was an entertainment feature for attracting hotel guests and was used as a gathering spot for socials, dances and plays. John H. Drake later converted Walter Sickel's butcher shop to an ice cream parlor and oyster saloon in 1916.